In collaboration, some text may be highlighted using the Thumos Editorial Codes and Colors, as explained below. Tell me more

  • Normal text is in black and not highlighted at all. Normal text will be included as is in the deliverable.
  • «Note»Text within a set of guillemet tags are to be excluded from the final draft.«/Note»
  • [Done]Indigo ClosedAll done[Done]No further work required[/Done]
  • ✅ – [OK]GreenRunningHealthyUpgraded [OK]No problems, work in progress, do not touch[/OK] [OK]Alternative highlight, only John can work on this text[/OK:John]
  • [№][Outage]RedStoppedUnhealthy[№]Urgently unacceptable[/№]
  • [][Removed]Crossed-out-in-redDeleted[№]No longer included[/№]
  • [∃][Degraded]Orange Slow[∃]Not yet investigated[/∃]
  • [∃!][Assigned:John]OliveCrawling[∃!John]Under investigation[/∃!John] – [∃!Tony]To be continued[/∃!Tony]
  • [※][TBD]Pink[TBD]To be discussed[/TBD]
  • [⊻][NEW]BlueProposed[⊻]Not yet approved[/⊻][NEW]Alternative[/NEW]
  • [☞][Note]Yellow[☞]Your attention should be here first.[/☞][Note]Alternative[/Note]
  • [FYI][Info]LightSkyBlue[FYI]For your information[/FYI]
  • [⊕][Priority]Maroon –  [⊕]High Priority[/⊕] – [Priority]Alternative[/Priority]