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Precursor to Thumoslang

UPDATE NOTICE: This page will be outdated when the first chapter of this book is complete.

This online book, Thumos for Life, is written by Nickantony Quach. It is referred to as #ThumosBook3 because it is the third volume written for the collection known as, The Book of Thumos (#ThumosBook). The first two volumes in this collection are:

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NOTICE: The featured image at the top of this article is from the copyrighted photo, THUMOS Adulthood Love Collaboration, taken on July 4th, 2017. From left to right are Nickantony Quach, Mike Vanseveren, and Mark Canny. They were on a ferry going from Providence to Newport on their way to celebrate the printing of their book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. Click here for access to a license to use this image for your purposes.